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Temike - Our Story

It was 1998. Frustrated by experiences that traditional addiction treatment wasn’t working, but still unaware of how serious treatment failures were, several of us had tried to implement an improved program for addiction treatment at a college where we taught. Finally, we decided to establish our own organization. I happened to have stationery named after Tasha Kiowa, a female wolf and valued member of my family, so I said, “We’ll name the organization, T.K. Wolf Inc.” And we began.


Our philosophy is grounded on the principles of Mitakouye Oyasin. This phrase comes from a Lakota prayer which translated means "All My Relations." Mitakouye Oyasin includes the "two-leggeds," "four-leggeds," "the winged things," "things that swim," "things that grow," and all of what Euro-Americans call creation. All are considered sacred and equal. A related understanding is that of the Medicine Wheel that represents non-human life and all human races, the four directions—East, South, West and North, and the four aspects—mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.


Our mission is to bring about integration and balance through use of the Medicine Wheel that serves as a guide for our work. In all our activities, whether counseling, addiction treatment, workshops, research, conferences, or consultation, the focus is on achieving health, positive change and growth in each aspect—mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. In the Medicine Wheel, health and positive change must occur in each aspect for health to occur in any one aspect.


Native Language Vocabulary



Awen hech?
Who is it?


I don’t know.


Yes, Okay.

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